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Cooking has always been a passion of mine and has only been building over time.

Instead of opting for a food meal plan in college after freshman year, I focused my attention on home cooked dinner staples and meal prep for easy leftovers to have during the week. Over the course of college and immediately post-grad, I started gravitating towards making recipes from online publications such as Bon Appétit, Epicurious and NYT Cooking, among many others.

As I dove in further, I started categorizing online recipes into bookmarks from recommended sites and email newsletters that I had signed up for. The bookmarks piled up over time and I always thought I would get to them, but ultimately kept pushing them off. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit in 2020, that I fortunately had enough time at home to dedicate and explore those saved recipes. From there, I was one of the many people who started spending more time in the kitchen and found that I was finally able to go through the recipes that I wanted to make.

Once I started following more chefs, restaurants, blogs and home cooks, I began ordering their cookbooks to branch out and try different cuisines. That kicked off a whole other journey beyond just recipes. The cookbooks shed an extraordinary light on techniques and elements that have transformed the way I think about preparing, cooking and pairing foods. I feel inspired to cook every day and try out these new experiments to get more experience in the kitchen. As I began cooking on a daily basis, I felt compelled to share my favorite recipes and encourage other people to get into cooking, as well as support cookbook authors and the culinary community.

Thank you for reading and following along – there is plenty more to come!

– Matt

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